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Benefits of Going from a House to an Apartment

Why Halsey Flats Should Be Your Next Home

Plenty of people decide to transition from a house to an apartment. If you've been thinking about making the switch yourself, we encourage you to consider all the benefits of making such a move.

Downsize Without Sacrificing Space

Whether you own or rent your house, you might assume that apartments will be significantly smaller than what you have now. But Halsey Flats has roomy apartments, including a 1,422-square foot townhome with three bedrooms and 2.5 baths. 

Worry-Free Maintenance

Halsey Flats Apartments has a dedicated team of professionals who take care of snow removal, landscaping, and maintenance services. You can relax knowing that we're here to help make sure things are running smoothly.

More Flexibility

If you're in a transitional phase of your life, traveling for work, or simply not sure where you want to end up long-term, an apartment is a sensible choice for a living arrangement. You can sign a lease without having to feel like you're locking yourself into a major commitment.

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience

Halsey Flats Apartments are located in the St. Matthews area of Louisville, just minutes from the St. Matthews Mall and close to popular grocery stores, parks, and major freeways. This gives you the chance to enjoy the convenience of living close to downtown Louisville – and wherever else your day-to-day life may take you.

Awesome Amenities

Great apartment buildings feature a ton of luxurious amenities that just may not have been in your reach while living in a house. Here are a few things we proudly offer at Halsey Flats: a pool and pool deck, a newly updated fitness center, a resident lounge with a pool table, free parking, and grassy areas for dogs to romp and play.

If you've been thinking about moving out of a house and into an apartment, we invite you to contact Halsey Flats Apartments to schedule a virtual tour today at (502) 806-8030. We'd love for you to join our community and find a relaxing, recently remodeled place to call home.

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Move-in by January 30, 2021, and receive a $500 Amazon gift card! Contact us today for qualifying lease details.

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Special Offers

Move-in by January 30, 2021, and receive a $500 Amazon gift card! Contact us today for qualifying lease details.