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Tips for the First-Time Renter

How to Find and Furnish Your New Place

Every penny counts for a first-time renter trying to stay on budget. One lesser-known way to potentially save money is to move during late winter months, when you might be able to find rent incentives...
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Feb 26

Make Cooking Fun With These Tips

How to Revamp Your Kitchen Routine

If you’ve been making a lot of meals at home lately, you might be looking for some new ideas. All you need is the right small appliance and some fresh ingredients. Now’s a great time to put your newly...
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Feb 12

How to Spend a Snow Day

Winter Fun in Louisville

Every once in a while, Louisville gets a winter blanketing of snow, and when that happens, people might be inclined to stay indoors. But there’s so much to do in and around the city, so why not get ou...
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Dec 7
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